Growing Readers

Did you know:

  • Learning to read should begin before your child enters Kindergarten?
  • The best way to encourage your child to read is for you to read to him or her?
  • Families who read together improve their children’s vocabulary?
  • Children with larger vocabularies become better readers?

Growing Readers is a free & self-paced program.  It’s easy to participate – and the rewards are priceless.  Register your little reader at any of our 7 locations!

How It Works:

  • Register your child(ren) at any APL location.
  • Track every time a book is read to your child by filling in an owl on the tracking sheet.  Read the same book 50 times?  It counts for 50 owls!
  • Return the completed tracking sheet to any APL location and pick up your next sheet and a prize.
  • Keep reading until you get to 1,000 books!

1,000 sounds like a lot of books – here’s the breakdown:

Complete the program in 1 year = 3 books / night

Complete the program in 3 years = 1 books / night

Complete the program in 5 years = 4 books / week

See?  It’s easy!  For more information, please call (518) 427-4310.