The Pearl Street Project

The Pearl Street Project is telling the stories of Albany’s historic and vibrant Pearl Street in the pages, both printed and virtual, of the Times Union this spring. The project benefits from a unique collaboration between Albany Public Library, whose North Albany Branch and Howe Branch practically bookend Pearl Street, and the Times Union. This partnership, supported by the nonprofit Library Futures and assisted by Hearken, aims to amplify the voices of community members in telling stories about Albany’s Pearl Street.

Reporters, editors and librarians have been sifting through the reader-submitted questions and are deciding which questions we can answer. Once the reporting is done, the Times Union and Albany Public Library will publish the results.

The Articles: Albany’s Pearl Street, a once-humming cityscape, struggles to survive | Two sides of Pearl Street in photos | Urban stereotypes and decades of disinvestment bruised Pearl Street | How’s business on Pearl Street? It depends on who you ask | Millions invested in North Pearl, South Pearl suffers ‘benign neglect’ from investors | Downtown Albany community members focus on uplifting South Pearl Street   

Answers to Your Questions about Pearl Street: Answers to 5 questions about Pearl Street’s past