Value Calculator

How much is Albany Public Library worth to you? Curious about how much the services the library provides each month would cost if you had to pay for them directly? To find out, just enter in the left-hand column the number of times you or your family use each service listed down the center. The estimated retail value of each service will be calculated on the right, and the total value of your library use is shown at the bottom of the worksheet.

Monthly Usage Library Services Value
Hardcover Books Borrowed $0.00
Paperback Books Borrowed $0.00
Children Books Borrowed $0.00
Magazines Borrowed $0.00
Movies Borrowed $0.00
Music CDs Borrowed $0.00
Audio Books Borrowed (CDs and Online) $0.00
Museum Passes Borrowed $0.00
Magazine/Newspaper use in Library $0.00
Interlibrary Loan $0.00
Meeting Room Use per Hour $0.00
Auditorium Use per Hour $0.00
Adult Programs and Classes Attended $0.00
Children's Programs Attended $0.00
Hours of Computer Use $0.00
Online Database Searching $0.00
Reference Questions Asked $0.00
  Clear Form $0.00