Art At APL

PIECED TOGETHER  |  Through May 7, 2022 | Pine Hills Branch

The exhibit showcases artists who transform cut paper and other discarded materials into new compositions. Whether through model making or collage, these artists find inspiration in scrap paper, fabric remnants, old maps, photos, or magazines. For some, the allure of a commonplace material like cardboard is the freedom inherent in it—it isn’t precious or perceived as valuable so anything goes. For others, it’s the history of the material—all the other stories it has told and can yet tell. Often it’s simply the economy of re-using scraps. Ultimately, the satisfaction comes from piecing it all together into something new.

“Pieced Together” artists are: Fern Apfel, Paula Drysdale Frazell, Danny Goodwin, Chloe Harrison, Niki Haynes, Beth Humphrey, Henry Klimowicz, Juan Hinojosa, Melinda McDaniel, Michael Oatman, and Kenneth Ragsdale.

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REGULAR VIEWING: The exhibit can be viewed by the general public during Pine Hills Branch open hours  through Saturday, May 7, 2022.


Art at APL, which is curated by Opalka Gallery, is a fine arts exhibition program at the Pine Hills Branch showcasing the work of contemporary artists connected to the Capital Region. The program, which began in 2013, integrates professional artwork into public spaces within the library, enriches the library experience, and gives visitors something interesting and educational to look at while they browse the collections.  Art at APL is funded in part by the Friends & Foundation of Albany Public Library.


In addition to the Art at APL exhibitions, the library occasionally displays art, photographs, and other pieces created by students and other members of the community. If anyone objects to art on display in the branches, the Exhibited Art Reconsideration Request should be filled out and submitted.