Albany Made Creative Lab

Calling all makers! Our new Albany Made digital and creative labs at our Washington Avenue Branch provide adults with public access to creative arts materials and digital technology, like a 3D printer and scanner, a craft laser cutter, and more. We wanted to build a space that supports art-entrepreneurs who are looking to empower themselves artistically and economically and build businesses around their craft. We also want to provide our community members the opportunity to explore new technologies and creative techniques they might not otherwise have access to, like screen printing equipment, sewing machines, and hand tools. 

Albany Made Policy

Open Lab Hours:

Mondays: 4 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Thursdays: 2 p.m.– 5:30 p.m.

Programs, Classes, and Events:

  • Skill shares, classes, and tours of the space: Have you been reading all about 3D printers and been dying to try one out for yourself? Are you in a band and want to screen print your own t-shirts and posters? Albany Made classes include screen printing, 3D printing, sewing, knitting, and more. We also offer certification classes to get you up to speed on proper use of the equipment and safety protocols. For a complete schedule, please see our calendar and program guide.
  • Etsy Crafts Entrepreneurship Workshops: Do you already make custom jewelry, decorative home items, or other handmade products for sale or gift-giving? If so, this course will teach you how to start an online shop for your unique line of handcrafted items. In partnership with Etsy, a leader in e-commerce for creative entrepreneurs, these free classes will help craft makers like you establish an online business to sell your products to a wider market and earn extra income! For more information, see the complete curriculum and eligibility requirements.

Albany Made Equipment:

  • 3D printer and scanner
  • Craft cutter
  • Sewing machine
  • Fiber arts materials
  • Screen printing gear
  • Hand tools like a rotary tool, power drill, and soldering iron
  • Bike repair station
  • Graphics and video editing software like Photoshop Elements and Sony Vegas
  • Color printer
  • Digital camera

Want to add something to our wish list? Send an email to to let us know what other Albany Made resources you’d like to see us provide, and why.

Get Involved!

We can’t wait to show off our creative lab! For a complete schedule, please see our calendar and program guide. To be put on the Albany Made mailing list, send an email to For more information, please call (518) 427-4349.