Print from Anywhere

Albany Public Library is pleased to offer email-based print-from-anywhere services. Print from any web-connected device, including your own personal laptop, a library-loaned Chromebook, your smartphone or tablet, and even your computer at home.


Printing (B&W)       10¢/page
Printing (Color)   15¢/page
Duplex (double-sided) B&W   20¢/sheet (10¢/side)
Duplex (double-sided) Color   30¢/sheet (15¢/side)

OPTION 1: Email Print Requests to a Branch and Pick Them Up

Send print requests to and then pick them up at a branch. Here’s how:

(1) Attach your print request to an email and send it to

In the subject or body of the email, please include the name of the branch where you’d like to pick up your prints. Please include any printing details, such as black & white or color, single or double sided, and how many copies.

(2) Visit one of our branches.

Staff will print out your documents when you arrive. View our hours and locations here.

Disclaimer: The library is not able to ensure that information or data sent via this form (email) is fully protected from public view or access. Please consider this when sending information of a confidential nature.

OPTION 2: Use PrinterON Web Form to Send Print Jobs Directly to a Branch for Pickup

Please click here to use a secure web form to send your print jobs directly to a branch for pickup. Note it will take a few minutes for the branch to receive and process the form.

OPTION 3: Use the Web Form Below to Send Print Jobs Directly to for Pickup