Hunger Games Mania Arrives at APL

Just in time for the movie’s release this week, you can channel your inner Katniss or Peeta and join us for some fun activities based on the award-winning young adult trilogy by author Suzanne Collins. Our “Hunger Games” events for tweens/teens are on March 20 and March 23. Read on for details.


March 20 (Tuesday) at 3:30 to 5 pm

Pine Hills Branch

Participate in a survival role-playing game where contestants are sorted into teams based on the 12 Panem districts. As in the books, we’ll have a cornucopia with items that will either help or hinder the teams in their quest for survival. There’ll also be an archer contest. Participants will enjoy pizza too. For ages 12-16. For more information, call the Pine Hills Branch at 482-7911.



March 23 (Friday) at 4-6 pm

Howe Branch

Show off your survival skills, intimidate your competitors, and impress the game makers as you compete in archery, sprinting, jumping, and other physical challenges. The game makers judge and the winner receives bragging rights of “most likely to win in the arena” plus free movie tickets. Ages 9-18. For more information, call the Howe Branch at 472-9485.

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