Lighting Project Underway at APL

October 3, 2023 | Library News

Your library experience is about to become brighter! The library is conducting a lighting project this fall that is replacing older incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with new high-efficiency LED fixtures.

The work is taking place through Nov. 9 and will be done with minimal disruption to everyone who uses our buildings.

Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are being replaced with LED (light emitting diode) bulbs at six branches – Arbor Hill/West Hill, Bach, Delaware, Howe, Pine Hills, and Washington Ave. — in this grant-funded project. Our North Albany Branch facility is managed by the City School District of Albany.

  • LEDs are energy- and cost-efficient, and a safe alternative to traditional bulbs.
  • LEDs typically use 50% less energy than traditional lights. And when you replace old fluorescent and incandescent fixtures with LEDs, like those we have at APL, you can achieve 75% energy savings.
  • LED fixtures also have a much longer lifespan. They typically last 3-5 times longer than fluorescents and up to 30 times longer than incandescents.
  • LEDs are brighter than older types of bulbs. LED lights put out more lumens/light than fluorescents, 170 lumens per watt vs 110.
  • LEDs are cooler, literally. They emit very little heat. In comparison, incandescents and fluorescents release about 80-90% of their energy as heat.

The lighting project supports two of our Strategic Plan goals: Sustainability (in the form of energy savings, rebates, and minimal year-over-year maintenance costs) and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access (high quality lighting creates safer, more accessible spaces for patrons of all ages).

Stephanie Simon

Stephanie Simon is manager of APL's Communication and Creative Services Department, which provides content and information for the library's website, social media, publications, videos, podcasts, and other outlets. Stephanie also manages APL's public relations and marketing efforts.