New Art Show Opens Dec. 2

New Art Show Opens Dec. 2

November 23, 2016 | Adult Services

We’re celebrating out winter art exhibition, “Mediating Illusion: Landscapes,” with an opening reception on Friday, Dec. 2, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Pine Hills Branch.

The opening reception is free and open to the public, and includes light refreshments and live music. The exhibition can be viewed during regular library hours and continues through March 26.

“Mediating Illusion: Landscapes” offers a contemporary spin on landscape art and features works by Theresa Bloise, Thomas Lail, Michael Oatman, and Charles Sommer. The art show was curated by Jessica Cone, the library’s art exhibition coordinator.

“It is no secret that our surroundings can influence people’s behavior. However, what shapes our environment? A reoccurring theme is life is alteration,” Cone said. “The great race to move forward has triggered drastic change. Our ‘way of life’ has desolated our ecology, the controlled variable needed to sustain our existence.”

“‘Mediating Illusion: Landscapes’ reveals a change in one’s conception regarding our surroundings. Each artist’s views of the human relationship with nature is widely divergent. Surreal scenes are based upon our ability to mentally remove ourselves from the natural world. Exhibiting works are carefully constructed based upon the representation of what is and can be, as well as the driving forces behind them,” according to Cone.

The Pine Hills Branch hosts two art exhibitions each year. Support for the “Art at APL” program is provided by the Albany Public Library Foundation.

Stephanie Simon

Stephanie Simon is manager of APL's Communication and Creative Services Department, which provides content and information for the library's website, social media, publications, videos, podcasts, and other outlets. Stephanie also manages APL's public relations and marketing efforts.