Zoom into Nano at APL

Zoom into Nano at APL

June 7, 2016 | Youth Services

Ever wondered what nano science really is and how it impacts the world around you? Albany Public Library is hosting a series of family science nights this summer designed to help youngsters, and their parents, investigate the world of nano science using hands-on activities.

The “Explore Science: Zoom into Nano” workshop series takes place at three APL branches in June, July, and August. The free programs are taught by experts from the Children’s Museum of Science + Technology, which is part of the SUNY Polytechnic Institute.

Children and their parents or caregivers are encouraged to attend the free workshops, which focus on “Size, Scale, and Surprises,” “Nano Labs, Tools, and Nature,” and “Nano and You.” The library’s Bach Branch, Delaware Branch, and Washington Ave. Branch are hosting one session of each “Explore Science” workshop.

“Zoom into Nano: Size, Scale, and Surprises”

  • June 8 (Wednesday) | 6-7:15 pm | Washington Ave. Branch 
  • June 14 (Tuesday) | 6-7:15 pm | Bach Branch 
  • June 28 (Tuesday) | 6-7:15 pm | Delaware Branch 

“Zoom into Nano: Nano Labs, Tools, and Nature”

  • July 12 (Tuesday) | 6-7:15 pm | Bach Branch 
  • July 13 (Wednesday) | 6-7:15 pm | Washington Ave. Branch 
  • July 19 (Tuesday) | 6-7:15 pm | Delaware Branch

“Zoom into Nano: Nano and You”

  • Aug. 9 (Tuesday) | 6-7:15 pm | Bach Branch 
  • Aug. 10 (Wednesday) | 6-7:15 pm | Washington Ave. Branch 
  • Aug. 16 (Tuesday) | 6-7:15 pm | Delaware Branch 

Stephanie Simon

Stephanie Simon is manager of APL's Communication and Creative Services Department, which provides content and information for the library's website, social media, publications, videos, podcasts, and other outlets. Stephanie also manages APL's public relations and marketing efforts.