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Puzzles and Games in Books

Title Author Call Number
The Virgin: A Novel Erik Barmack FIC Bar
Tricky Business Dave Barry FIC Bar
Bob the Gambler Frederick Barthelme FIC Bar
Lucky You Carl Hiaasen FIC Hia
Tunnel Vision Keith Lowe FIC Low
Election Tom Perrotta FIC Per
Filthy Rich Dorothy Samuels FIC Sam
African American Collection
Title Author Call Number
The Emperor of Ocean Park Stephen L. Carter AAC Car
Title Author Call Number
Griffin and Sabine (series) Nick Bantock ROM Ban
Possession A.S. Byatt ROM Bya
Title Author Call Number
Running Man Stephen King HOR Kin
Title Author Call Number
A Crossworder's Gift (series) Nero Blanc MYS Bla
The DaVinci Code Dan Brown MYS Bro
Ten Little Indians Agatha Christie MYS Chr
Luck of the Draw Carolina Garcia-Aguilera MYS Gar
Givenchy Code Julie Kenner MYS Ken
The Flanders Panel Arturo Perez-Reverte MYS Per
Title Author Call Number
24/7 Jim Brown ADV Bro
Casino Royale Ian Fleming ADV Fle
Title Author Call Number
Bringing Down the House Ben Mezrich 364.172 M
Word Freak Stefan Fatsis 793.734 F
Bobby Fischer Goes to War David Edmonds 794.159 E
Positively Fifth Street James McManus 794.412 M
Playing Off the Rail David McCumber 794.12 M
Fortune's Formula William Poundstone 795.015 P
American Roulette Richard Marcus 795.092 M
Busting Vegas Ben Mezrich 795.092 M

Compiled by the APL Readers Services Department -- Aug. 2006

Last updated: September 12, 2014