Free Garage Bands Concert Friday

Check out two up-and-coming local rock bands Friday, July 16, at the Albany Public Library Garage Bands in the Garage concert. This all-ages, free rock concert features Charmboy and Beware! The Other Head of Science. The show runs from 6 to 8 p.m. in the parking garage at the Elk Street entrance of the Main Library.

Charmboy is a classic power trio who long for rock’s bad old days. The band features the library’s own Sarah Clark, who heads up the Readers’ Services Department at the Main Library, on bass. The band is working on a new album.

Beware! The Other Head of Science is a six-member group that was dubbed “best electro pop band” by Metroland in 2009. The band released a full-length CD, “Big American Godzilla Party,” in February.

During the show, the library will sell used CDs and LPs retired from its collection. The Garage Bands in the Garage concerts are co-sponsored by WEXT 97.7 and Metroland.

The last two shows in the concert series are:

Aug. 20. Grainbelt and Knyghts of Fuzz. Grainbelt infuses country with cowpunk for glorious roots-rock and impassioned vocals by Howard Glassman. Knyghts of Fuzz is a newer band created by members of Rocky Velvet and other Albany-area rockers.

Sept. 17. The Union Boots and Complicated Shirt. The Union Boots has a classic, rocking sound and hails from Albany. Complicated Shirt lives between garage rock and punk, but brings an inspired sound to both genres.

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