Twelve Days of Reading Starts Dec. 2 at Howe Branch

Children and teens can enjoy the Twelve Days of Reading at APL’s Howe Branch (105 Schuyler Street) from Dec. 2 through Dec. 14. Howe librarians have gift-wrapped a number of sets of library books. Each day, one set of books will contain a golden tickets that entitles the lucky winner to a prize such as movie tickets, gift cards, activity kits, and food items.

Here’s how the Twelve Days of Reading works:

+  Visit the Howe Branch during regular hours and check out a specially wrapped set of books

+  Bring the books home and unwrap them

+  If you find a golden ticket, bring it back to Howe and redeem it for a prize

+  Enjoy reading your books

+  When you’re done with one set of books, return them to the branch and borrow another set

Keep your eyes open for the golden tickets and happy Twelve Days of Reading!


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