Hunger Games Training Camp Nov. 16 at Main

Young fans of The Hunger Games books and movies get the chance to be tributes in Albany Public Library’s Hunger Games Training Camp on Saturday, Nov. 16, at 2 pm in the large auditorium of the Main Library (161 Washington Avenue). The event is designed for children ages 11 through 17.


Tributes will test their physical and mental stamina in Hunger Games-style challenges including archery, sprinting, jumping, and survival skills. Just like in the real Hunger Games, prizes that assist the tributes in their challenges “will fall from the sky.” Participants will try to impress the Gamemakers with their skills. The tribute that survives the longest will win the grand prize.


For more information about the Hunger Games Training Camp on Nov. 16, please call the Main Library Children’s Department at 427-4310.

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