Programs Share Lessons in Tolerance on Anniversary of Kristallnacht

APL is hosting The Power of Stories: Lessons in Tolerance during the 75th Anniversary of Kristallnacht program series through Nov. 22 at the Bach Branch (455 New Scotland Avenue).

The series commemorates the “Night of Broken Glass” when thousands of Jewish homes, shops, and synagogues in Germany and Austria were ransacked and destroyed. Close to 100 Jews were killed and more than 30,000 Jewish men were taken to concentration camps during the assault.

The Power of Stories series includes an interactive display, book discussions, film showing, and lecture. All programs are free and open to the public.

Interactive Kristallnacht Display

Now through Nov. 22 during regular Bach Branch hours


Book Discussion on “Lest Innocent Blood Be Shed: The Story of the Village of Le Chambon and How Goodness Happened There”

Nov. 4 (Mon) at 6:30 pm at the Bach Branch

The book, by Jewish philosopher Philip Hallie, details how a Protestant village in Nazi-occupied France saved thousands of Jewish children and adults in the early 1940s. Copies of the book are available to borrow from the Bach Branch


Children’s Program on “Of Heroes, Hooks, and Heirlooms” with Author Faye Silton

Nov. 6 (Wed) at 4 pm at the Bach Branch

The author, who is the daughter of Holocaust survivors, speaks to children about her book, shares lessons in tolerance, and leads them in a finger crocheting activity.


Lecture on “Kristallnacht Remembrances” by Martin Becker

Nov. 11 (Mon) at 2 pm at the Bach Branch

In this special Veterans Day program, retired U.S. soldier Martin Becker discusses his experiences during Kristallnacht and World War II using audio and visual materials.


Film Showing of “Paper Clips”

Nov. 11 (Mon) at 6 pm at the Bach Branch

The documentary depicts middle school students from Tennessee who learn about the Holocaust by collecting six million paper clips—to represent the number of Jews killed by the Nazis—from around the world. The film is rated G.

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