Meet the Albany Mummies on Oct. 5

Families can meet the famous Albany mummies at a free Albany Public Library program on Saturday, Oct. 5, at 2 p.m. at the Main Library (161 Washington Avenue).

APL partnered with the Albany Institute of History and Art to provide a free program about the pair of Egyptian mummies, which have been a part of the museum since 1909 and are featured in an exciting new exhibit.

Program participants will meet at the Main Library Children’s Room to learn  how the mummies were acquired by the institute, the secrets the mummies have been keeping, and how research at Albany Medical Center led to some amazing new discoveries. Then, participants head over to the museum (just a few steps away from the library) to enjoy free admission, do a hands-on art project, and get a guided tour of “GE Presents: The Mystery of the Albany Mummies.”

This APL program is for children and their families. Registration for the free program is required as attendance is limited. Please call the Main Library Children’s Room at 427-4310 or go to our online reservation system to reserve a spot to see the Albany mummies.

“GE Presents: The Mystery of the Albany Mummies” family programs have been supported by GE, the Standish Family Foundation, the Sidney and Beatrice Albert Foundation, Bank of America Foundation, and Tabner, Ryan and Keniry, Inc.

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