Suggested Summer Reading List (Third & Fourth grade)

Summer reading should be fun. Therefore, we have included Graphic Novels, "How to Books", biographies, poetry, and lots of interesting fiction in the hope that at least one or two items will be of appeal to the summer reader. So, let us help by taking some of the work out of making up your annual summer reading list with the following suggestions.

The following books are suggested for a child who is reading at a third to fourth grade level. Noted for each book is the title, author, and number of pages. There are both fiction and non-fiction listed.

  1. Sallie Gal And The Wall-a-kee Man by Shelia Moses - Sallie wants hair ribbons but has no money to buy them. How will she deal with her strict mother if she doesn't earn enough to get them? (152 pages)(j Mos)
  2. A Picture For Marc by Eric Kimmel - "Marc is the only one who gets to go to school in his family and he wants only to be an artist. Will his father let him leave school to study art?" Find out in this fictionalized biography of Marc Chagall. (101 pages)(j Kim)
  3. Medusa Jones by Ross Collins - "Will having a bad hair day save her classmates from being stranded on Mt. Olympus?" The children of the Gods are characters in this book set in Roman times. (135 pages)(j Coll)
  4. Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little by Peggy Gifford - "Moxie has to read Stuart Little before the summer is over. Since it's the day before school starts will she not only start the book but finish before bed time?" (91 pages)(j Gif)
  5. Ibby's Magic Weekend by Heather Dyer - "Will Ibby manage to save her two troublesome cousins from the magic tricks that, surprisingly, really worked? Will she find her uncle that disappeared while doing magic?" (140 pages)(j Dye)
  6. George's Secret Key To The Universe by Lucy & Stephen Hawking - "Will George save his neighbor from the black hole or will the evil scientist take over the universe?" Note: the huge number of pages is a result of insertions of fascinating and colorful pictures from the Hubble telescope. (297 pages) (j Haw)
  7. Did Fleming Rescue Churchill? - "When assigned a research report, Jason believes he gets the dullest scientist on the teachers list. How can he write three whole pages about a scientist about whom not much is written?" (64 pages)(j Gib)
  8. Baby Mouse: Puppy Love - "In her eighth book Graphic Novel hero, Baby Mouse, tries to stop failing her pets. She finds her goldfish that had run away from home and gets the dog of her dreams." (91 pages)(j Hol)
  9. Captain Raptor And The Moon Mystery- "When something mysterious lands on planet Jurassica Captain Raptor goes to investigate." (30 pages)(j GN Captain Raptor). We suggest coupling this selection with Captain Raptor And The Space Pirates, also 30 pages.
  10. Daisy Dawson Is On Her Way! - "Will Daisy rescue the stray dog in the pound? Oddly enough, a butterfly helps out. " (98 pages)(j Voa)
  11. What To Do About Alice?: How Alice Roosevelt Broke The Rules, Charmed The World And Drove Her Father Teddy Crazy - The title says it all. A fun, informative book. (unpaged)(j 92 Roosevelt)
  12. What's Cooking?: A Cookbook For Kids - This cookbook's photos are incredibly enticing, and the lists of ingredients and instructions are easy to follow.. Kids will want to jump right in learning to be a chef. (63 pages)(j 641.512 W)
  13. Sojourner Truth: Preacher For Freedom And Equality - This book tells of Sojourner's remarkable story. Illustrations are emotional and colorful. Timeline, notes, glossary. (24 pages)(j 92 Truth)
  14. Muhammad Ali: Champion Of The World - Written in verse, with excellent illustrations, this book tells the story of a famous African American boxer who fought in more ways than one. (unpaged)(j 92 Ali)
  15. Volcanoes: Myths And Legends, Great Eruptions From The Past, Plus The Latest Facts And Statistics - This lavishly illustrated book will take kids around the world from prehistory to recent eruptions. (63 pages)(j 551.21 C)
  16. My Dog May Be A Genius - Prelutsky, our first Children's Poet Laureate, has once again written us a book of whimsical poems. (159 pages) (j 811.54P)
  17. Teeth - A book about tiny and huge teeth, tusks, fangs on animals and humans, their appearance and function. Great illustrations and a glossary. (32 pages)(j 973 N)
  18. Cinderella - This fun update of Cinderella has delightful artwork. (unpaged)(j 398.2 M)
  19. The Curse Of King Tut - This title of the Mysterious & Unknown series will intrigue kids with a combination of archaeology and mystery. Discover who King Tutankhamen was, who discovered his mummy and how scientists have studied his remains. Photos, maps, and drawings included. (104 pages)(j 932.014 L)
  20. Knut: How One Little Polar Bear Captivated The World - A German zoo raised a tiny polar bear cub who now raises the world's awareness of these bears and their natural habitats. Photographs, a map and suggestions on how we can help keep polar bears safe. (unpaged)(j 599.786 K)
Last updated: September 12, 2014