Computer Use

Computers with access to the Internet, Microsoft Office software, educational software, and online databases, are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Patrons with APL/UHLS library cards will be able to sign on to use a computer for up to two (2) hours per day.  Those eligible for an APL/UHLS library card are strongly encouraged to get one to give them free computer access as described above.  Those without a library card from any public library in Albany or Rensselaer County may purchase a visitor pass ($1.00 for up to 1 hr. access in a calendar day).  Visitor passes MAY NOT be used to extend computer use time beyond the two-hour daily limit.   Printing is available from all workstations at a charge of .20/page.

Computer Use Access Options

1) APL/UHLS Library Card – full library privileges

Eligibility (for an APL/UHLS Library card):  All customers eligible for an APL library card.  All computer users must have their APL/UHLS library card with them every time they use a public computer.
Cost (for an APL/UHLS Library card):  No charge for residents of Albany or Rensselaer counties.  Persons who reside outside Albany or Rensselaer counties may register for an out-of-system library card for a $50.00 fee, renewable annually.
Requirements (for an APL/UHLS Library card):  Photo ID and proof of current address.  Children under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian with photo ID and proof of current address.
Restrictions (for computer use):  The library account must be in good standing – current and complete borrower information (i.e. pin #, DOB), total fines and fees under $2.01, etc. 
Register for card at:  Readers’ Services Desk (Main Library), service desks at branch locations 

2) Visitor Pass – computer use only

Eligibility:  All library customers
Cost:  $1.00 for a single calendar day computer session
Requirements:  ID (Photo ID preferred) MAY be requested by Library staff.  Restrictions:  One visitor pass per person will be issued at each APL location per calendar day.  Visitor passes MAY NOT be used to extend computer use time beyond the two-hour daily limit.      
Register for card at:  Reference Desk (Main Library), service desks at branch locations 

Last updated: September 12, 2014